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Software Development Strategy, Design & Execution

Building a complex software solution requires careful planning. We are the trusted advisor that turns your ideas into robust and scalable solutions by bootstrapping larger projects and guiding execution until you go live. Our expert consultants are there every step of the way, from strategy design to delivery management. We advise, plan, and even provide the development teams to help you build!

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Software Strategy

- crafting a solid plan

A solid plan needs a solid foundation. To understand your starting point, we assess your current application landscape and in-house capabilities. An assessment reveals your organization's skills and needs and helps us create the strategy to match. 

  • Assess the existing application landscape with our Software Audit
  • Assess your development teams’ maturity level  
  • Discuss strategy with stakeholders and provide expert advice

Solution Design

- creating the roadmap

With a better understanding of your business and target architecture, we can get to work, using the solution as a dot on the horizon. Our experts will create a roadmap, including design, platform, and technology choices to get you from A to B. 

  • Design an IT roadmap based on risk, value, and effort 
  • We favor a 'buy over build' strategy 
  • Determine if and where custom-built software is beneficial 

Delivery Management

- supervising a perfect execution

Now it's time to start building with your development teams. While we help you do that, we actively share our knowledge so you can do it yourself next time. By scaling up your engineering culture, we boost in-house skills and make your organization a great place to work. 

  • Assemble a team to fit the challenge (our experts, in-house, or mixed) 
  • Scale up your engineering culture for a 'multiplier effect' 
  • Oversee execution and align with stakeholders

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