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As a pioneer in IT, it is essential to partner with leading technology suppliers. Xebia has built a unique relationship with Microsoft. We know its solutions inside out because we challenge ourselves to get the most out of the tools we work with. We are happy to help you do the same.

Adopting and implementing new technology is a demanding job that often causes companies to put it off. However, it is precisely these innovative solutions that will speed up your business transformation and make it more successful.

Use Azure to manage cost flexibly, deal with redundancy, eliminate failure and downtime, become much more scalable, and obtain precisely the resources your business needs at any given time. For instance, instead of investing in a massive legacy server, quickly spin up a cloud environment that matches your requirements.

Additionally, use Github and end-to-end Azure solutions to collaborate and create workflows that maximize DevOps' benefits. By providing your teams with the technology to support their new way of working, development and delivery are accelerated even further.

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Microsoft Solutions

Microsoft Solutions are Globally operated by Xebia and by Xpirit, Proudly part of Xebia.

Our highly experienced consultants are experts in cloud transformation using Microsoft Azure, building high performance IT teams using DevOps, Cloud Native Software Development en Managed Services.

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A Digital Transformation is a small-scale disruption that requires an understanding of what to let go of and what to fuel. Besides offering technology, tools, and managed services, we also educate teams on their Agile and DevOps journey. Our consultants provide hands-on support and join boardroom conversations to break traditional patterns. We offer a suitable combination of strategy, management consultancy, and technology enablement.

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