Organization-wide collaboration is complex. Different departments often speak their own languages, for example, business and IT. Serious Gaming solves this problem by improving communication and collaboration between teams. 

Unlike any formal training you’ve ever experienced, this Serious Puzzle Game puts your creativity, adaptability, and communication skills to the test as it challenges you to work better—together. You’ll learn in a way that actually sticks, through opportunities to experiment (and fail!) in a risk-free environment. 

Serious Puzzle Game is a fast-paced and fun way to get familiar with the Agile principles while also strengthening collaboration and enhancing teamwork.

What is it, exactly?
Teamwork is essential in puzzle games, is it not? The way to improve teamwork is to get the team together and play puzzles together. This is what we do with this Puzzle Game. 

Playing a game is a method to:

  • stimulate cooperation
  • build trust
  • improve communication skills among team members

Serious Gaming lets your organization experience what the cutting edge of Agile looks like, so you can utilize this knowledge in your own business. It's fun, easy, and completely dynamic.

Who should take this course?
The Puzzle Game is like the other Serious games we offer, based on the principle of “Learning by doing”.

This training is perfect for teams, who are new to the Agile way of working but looking to enhance their collaboration. 

It’s ideal for improving collaborations between all departments, like marketing, IT, sales, and operations, and suitable for 3 to 6 teams, and from 150 to 300 people. The entire organization can benefit from this impactful and intensive learning experience. 

This game is easy to play and can be played in a relatively small amount of time. Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun! If you want your organization’s teams to excel, this Serious Puzzle Store Game is for you. 


  • Learn Agile through experience, as you solve the puzzle together as a team
  • Amplify organization-wide collaboration and boost teambuilding 
  • Improve creativity and problem solving while working in Sprints

About your facilitators
Serious Game: Catalyst Puzzle Store was developed by Xebia’s Agile Consultants Marianne Pot and Rik de Groot—two experts in strengthening autonomous teams in organizations. Facilitated by Xebia Consultants with extensive practical experience working with the top 250 companies in the Netherlands, you will learn from the thought leaders in their fields.

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