When: Friday, November 10, 2017 

Where: FreshWorks, First Floor, Block B, SP Infocity, 40 MGR Salai, Perungudi, Chennai 

Agile transformation in an organization is a journey where technology plays a vital role. Join with us to understand how?

Role of Technology in sustaining Agile Transformation
Ramesh Parthasarathy, VP, Platform engineering, FreshWorks

Majority of engineers get caught up with the tactical terminology that Agile brings -  stand-ups, scrum, charts, sprint etc. How can we create a sense of purpose, happiness and satisfaction in the minds of agile engineers. How do we clarify the larger purposes of the company, customers and stakeholders with Agile being a means and not the end. The talk attempts to take on some of these questions from an engineers stand-point and present observations. 

Challenges with Organization level transformation
Geetha Paulmani, Agile Transformation Lead for Asia Pacific Region, Ford Motors

Irrespective of whether Agile transformation is started top down or bottom up in an organization, the challenges amplify exponentially at scale. The presentation explores the transformational challenges such as agile portfolio management, organizational structure, leadership gaps and how organizational transformation is beyond frameworks. 

Technical Agility with DevOps: A new dimension to Faster Delivery, Customer Satisfaction
Ajay Kabra, Sr. Director - Agile, Xebia

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