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We understand that software can only be delivered by a quality culture that is embedded within organizations and teams. Qxperts is fully equipped to support you in achieving this. Together we simplify the software delivery process and organizational design.

It is important to reduce the number of handovers in order to autonomously develop and deliver software. We coach development teams and technical leadership to assess and improve their socio-technical system. We aid in designing your optimal team setup and improve your flexibility with Domain-Driven Design.

Building high-performing teams in times of isolation

Building high-performing teams in times of isolation

Staying strong and connected as a team now is more important than ever.

We support organizations and teams to achieve a high-quality culture

- Use socio-technical systems to reduce complexity
- Embed quality culture.
- Coach development teams and technical. leadership on software quality.
- Design optimal team setup.
- Improve flexibility with Domain-Driven Design.

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