We hope you enjoyed the conference of PyData Amsterdam 2018 (May 25-27) as much as the
committee did.

Rodrigo, who did the Deep Learning Tutorial on Friday, promised to do an extra session with more time for the exercises: that's why we're organising a new Code Breakfast (after a long hyatus, mostly due to the conference) where he will revisit the material covered in the tutorial.

So if you're into Deep Learning and you didn't get a chance to do the exercises or if you were not able to make it to the tutorials, this Code Breakfast is for you! Sign up here: Meetup PyData Code Breakfast.

AI-expo is sponsoring this event and they would like to share the following message with all of you:

The AI-expo[^1] is happening at the RAI, Amsterdam on the 27-28th June.
The conference will uncover how AI will contribute to delivering a smarter future in a range of sectors. Attendees can expect to discover how Artificial Intelligence is being implemented whilst networking with practitioners and investors.

The Expo has a total of 4 conference tracks, and 7 IoT and 7
Blockchain tracks.

The main event is free, but you can use discount code PYDATA20 if you wish to attend all tracks and gain access to exclusive networking

The full agenda can be found here[^2] and you can register here[^3].