When: July, 6, 2017, 16.00.
Where: Xebia, Wibautstraat 200, Amsterdam

In this rapidly changing world, organisations have to enable themselves to adapt to the ever changing requirements from an user-perspective. The desire towards improved business flexibility maybe starts at business-stakeholder level but can only be truly achieved when this desire is implemented on every axis of the organisation. 

For a long time, the agile way of working was perceived as the solution for parallelisation of work and improved time-to-market of functionality. True autonomy over teams can, however, only be implemented when this also finds its direct reflection in the solution the teams are working on. This is one of the most important reasons why the implementation of systems through separate isolated services are a good candidate for the way we develop software for the years to come.

Implementing microservices without the right set of rules can however result in a disaster. A monolith composed of multiple services, a microlith, not only has the same problems as the problem we try to fix with microservices; it also puts the added complexity of distributed environments into the mix. True team-autonomy can only be achieved when this autonomy is also implemented on service and code level. 

Join our session and:

  • Learn Xebia's vision on successful microservice development.
  • Learn how concepts from Domain Driven Design can help you in the process of designing and building microservice based systems.
  • Get insights in how you can start using these concepts to slowly migrate existing monoliths to a more flexible software architecture. 
  • Get your hands dirty with Lagom and Scala.


16.00: Welcome
16.30: Reactive Microservices: going from 0 to 100 real quick
18.00: Dinner & Drinks
18.30: Hands-on: Get your hands dirty with Lagom and Scala
20.15: Drinks & Networking