When: July 11th 2017
Where: Xebia Hilversum, Laapersveld 27, 1213 VB Hilversum

In the ideal DevOps world, your containers are running smoothly without any reason to fear attack. However, reality tells another story:

Traditional security departments worry about the lack of network isolation within container platforms and they might have a point. Isolating different application flows from each other, without creating application specific networks, is not easy.


What if we told you there’s an easy way to achieve fine grained network isolation for your application? Have you thought about deploying firewall rules together with your application using Kubernetes?

Enter NetworkPolicies, a resource in Kubernetes, to allow you to deploy your firewall rules by yourself without having to put out a service request to another department. Using NetworkPolicies you can specify firewall rules in your application deployment which you can use to have fine grained control of which ports are opened and which are closed.

In Kubernetes 1.7 (scheduled to release on June 28th) NetworkPolicies will be promoted to a stable resource, so join this Open Kitchen to get a head start on all the cool things you can achieve using this technology. 

In this Open Kitchen we want to explore this new Kubernetes resource with you by answering the following questions: 

  • How do I setup NetworkPolicies in my cluster?
  • What can I control using NetworkPolicies?
  • How do I manage my NetworkPolicies?
  • How secure are NetworkPolicies?
  • What is the added benefit of using NetworkPolicies?


16.00: Welcome @ Xebia by Rik Farenhorst, Manager Xebia IT Architects

16.15: Introduction to NetworkPolicies by Steven Ottenhoff, Fai Fung and Eric Nieuwenhuijsen. IT Architects @ Xebia

16.30: Hands-on with Kubernetes NetworkPolicies, part 1

17.45: Dinner & Drinks

18.30: Hands-on with Kubernetes NetworkPolicies, part 2

20.00: Big Thanks, Drinks & Networking

Seats are limited. This session is in Dutch.