When: November 1st, 2017
Where: Xebia Netherlands, Wibautstraat 200-202, Amsterdam

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By now everybody is aware of the fact that the new European privacy law (GDPR) is coming. Everyday articles, news items and tweets fly by warning for the huge fines and the severe limitations that this law imposes. However, little attention is being payed to the impact it will have on software development.

The GDPR has been active since 2016 and until May 25th 2018 we are in a grace period to get things in order. However, many companies still think it's mostly a legal thing without much impact on the actual software development lifecycle. This is wrong as the new guidelines requiring just-in-time consent, mandatory privacy impact assessments and an exhaustive data usage register will severely impact development lifecycles when not implemented properly and automated as much as possible. Actual changes are necessary, because a simple plan-do-check-act cycle combined with some awareness training is no longer sufficient.

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This Open Kitchen will provide the most important parts of the GDPR that will impact your life as developer and how to deal with them.

We will focus on the items that have actual impact on your daily work like:

• Privacy policy vs statement
What is consent and what should you know about it
• Data collection: purpose vs proportion
• Privacy by design
• Privacy impact analysis
• Privacy register
• Anonimisation and pseudonimisation
Access control and Chinese walls
• Hashing and encryption
• Data retention

After the Open Kitchen and a nice dinner we will have plenty of time to discuss questions and exchange actual cases.

16.00: Welcome @ Xebia by Han Goosens, Manager Xebia Security
16.15: Impact of GDPR on Software Development by Dave van Stein, Security Consultant @ Xebia
17.45: Dinner & Drinks
18.30: Discussion and war stories
20.00: Big Thanks, Drinks & Networking

Seats are limited. This session can be held in Dutch or English.