When: February 20th, 2020
Where: Xebia Hilversum, Laapersveld 27, 1213 VB 

Please note: This session is in Dutch.

The last 10 years the Product Owner has become a prominent position for a lot of organisations. More focus on delivering value to the customers and less focus on “running projects”. Next to the rise of the Product Owner role, we see product Management as a whole taking more ground.

In this Open Kitchen we want to share our view on the last ten years, what Xebia has been done, but mostly also collaborate with you to understand how you have experienced it. Looking back is very powerful because it can help shape the future. So, obviously we will also look ahead and share insights on how we view product ownership over the next 10 years. We are very curious what your expectations are, so through interaction and collaboration we aim to make this an engaging evening! Sharing learnings, but also expectations we want to give an insight in how Xebia is preparing for the next decade of Product Management.

We aim to give you some insights into what Xebia is doing, but we obviously also want to hear from you. If you are eager to learn how we can collaboratively make the next decade of Product Management as valuable as possible, be there!

15.30: Welcome
16.00: Opening and Kick Off 
16.15: Looking back
17.00: Looking ahead
18.15: Expectations vault
18.30: Dinner & Drinks