Modernize Your IT Architecture

Many organisations have built up a significant IT landscape by allocating a substantial part of their budget to develop, operate and maintain their IT applications. Business became heavily dependent on IT, and IT is positioned as a crucial asset in many business operations.

IT should enable grasping new business opportunities by applying innovative technology. Do not let your existing IT prevent Business Innovation.

Xebia firmly believes that IT can be operated in an efficient and effective manner and that inventive IT can enable tremendous business advantages:

  • Creating applications that seize new business opportunities in an agile fashion
  • Supporting organizations to adapt to changing market circumstances and business requirements
  • Scaling up (and down) quickly according to unpredictable usage patterns

To realize those ambitions, IT architecture embodies the design and evolution of individual IT applications and business-wide IT landscapes. These solutions match business goals and requirements with technology’s opportunities and constraints.

Applying modern IT architecture principles, patterns and practices results in a streamlined IT and effective business operations.

Xebia’s service portfolio

  • Auditing current (and planned) IT architectures
  • Designing and realizing modern IT architectures
  • Training and coaching architects in the application of modern IT concepts and technologies
  • Assessing innovative technologies for business’ application.



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