At Yolt we help customers change the way they think about money. Syncing accounts in one view, seeing spending more clearly and doing more with easy budgeting. Although we don't store any client credentials directly we communicate with many banks which requires a high level of security. Certificates to connect to external webservices are confidential and should remain confidential. One of the tools we employ to do this is Hashicorp's Vault.


In this meetup we will tell you all about how you can integrate with Vault from within your Kubernetes cluster and ensure only the right pods have access to secrets. Gone are the times that you have to rely on base64 encoded values which are loaded as environment variables. Join us and learn from some of our pitfalls to create a setup of your own!

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When: November 22nd, 2018, 18.00 - 21.00

We are looking forward to the meetup. Xebia will provide dinner & drinks.
Check out the meetup page for a detailed agenda.