When: September 29th 2017
Where: Gedempte Zalmhaven 4k, Rotterdam

We are going on a roadtrip to 010 and will give front end talks at our friends @Mendix Rotterdam. Come and enlighten yourself with talks about Firebase, React with MobX and Node.


Using Google Cloud Functions and Firebase to kickstart your mobile app development
Albert Brand, Xebia

Thanks to the serverless hype you have all the components at your fingertips to create a robust, scaling backend for your next mobile app creation. Starting with an example app I’ll walk you through hooking the app up to Cloud Function, updating Firebase from the function and responding in real time to those changes. Don’t worry, there will be no mention of hot dogs in this talk.

Mobx-State-Tree: React, But For Data
Michel Weststrate, Mendix

React and its component model is nowadays the most appealing abstraction to declaratively describe user interfaces. The core concepts are so powerful that we can apply them outside the DOM, like in React-VR, sound manipulation, games etc. I will demonstrate that all the core ideas powering React are so powerful that we can even translate them to a completely different field: state management. MobX-state-tree applies these very same concepts to make data management declarative, elegant and easy to reason about.

By automatically generating base facts on what is happening with a state tree: Snapshots, patches and action invocations, I will demonstrate that it becomes suddenly trivial to express complex patterns like undo / redo, optimistic updates with rollbacks or asynchronously transactional commits.

Multi Process Node
Norbert Langen, Xebia

More information about his talk will follow soon…

17:00 - Welcome with a BBQ and an amazing view
18:15 - Talks
19:45 - Break
20:45 - Drinks 

We would love to see you! Please let us know if you will join.

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