Meetup - XITA - FedEx 27-3 (3)

We are happy to welcome FedEx to this meetup!
Maurits Meijer, the lead of the data cluster at FedEx Digital International (FedEx DI) will start with an introduction and explain the ambition of FedEx to become a data driven organization.

The magic behind the FedEx Marketing Automation platform
Rik Doppenberg and Marcel Jepma will share why and how FedEx built a cloud native data platform based on AWS (Amazon Web Services). This talk will focus on the design & implementation of the platform and one of the use cases. Topics covered are:
- The architecture of the data platform
- Integration and offloading of various data sources (private and public)
- Making use of AWS native services and open source tooling, such as Apache Airflow

Doing DevOps in a data driven organization
Time to get interactive! In this Q&A session, Wido van Heemstra and Marco Lormans will explain how to adopt DevOps in a data driven organisation:
When organizations start an initiative to become "data driven", they often create a data science team. They also recognize the need for a data platform / data lake. We want to discuss our experience at FedEx DI in creating a data cluster that covers all capabilities for becoming data driven. We integrated data engineering capabilities within the data science team and applied software engineering principles to enhance the performance of all teams in the data cluster.

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When: March 27th, 2019, 18.00 - 21.00

We are looking forward to the meetup. Xebia will provide dinner & drinks.
Check out the meetup page for a detailed agenda.