Web App with React and insights about MobX from Michel Weststrate

When: March 23 2017, 17.45
Where: Xebia Headquarters, Laapersveld 27, 1213 VB, Hilversum

We have Michel Weststrate, author of MobX as our special guest speaker.

An introduction to mobx-state-tree
Michel Weststrate - Author of MobX

Mobx-state-tree is an opinionated state container powered by MobX. It combines the best features from the immutable and mutable worlds. It offers JSON patches, time traveling, action distribution, runtime type checking etc. It encapsulated many best practices such as how to handle references, create forms that can be committed atomically etc. The library is not published yet, but Michel will give us a sneak preview!

Building a Progressive Web App with React
Gert Hengeveld - Full Stack Developer at Xebia

Recently Gert built a Progressive Web App for the internal Knowledge Exchange sessions at Xebia. With Xebians being a very demanding and judicial user group, this app had to be top-notch and well polished. In his talk, Gert will explain the details of building a high performance mobile-first web application which works well and looks good on any platform.


17:45 Doors open
18:00 Good food and drinks at the bar
18:45 Michel Weststrate on mobx-state-tree
19:30 Gert Hengeveld on Progressive Web Apps
20:00 Drinks and networking

Seats are limited.