Push to Talk Translating Chat
Wietse Venema, Xebia

Imagine you could talk with someone when you don't share a common language. As an exploration of the Machine Learning API's in Google Cloud we tried to build an app that does exactly that. The results will actually surprise you!

Bots, Cognitive Services and Machine Learning with Microsoft
Sander van den Hoven, Microsoft

Artificial Intelligence is increasing used in a large variety of applications. AI is used in understanding natural language, understanding objects and photos and to learn patterns from massive amounts of data. Microsoft has a number of tools that help building the new intelligent applications.

In this sessions we focus on the bots dive a little deeper in these tools and explain how to build a bot to interact with users using natural language, detect what user mean and translate it in the required language. Also we want to show how to use our cognitive services to augment intelligence to your application.

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