Measure the impact of coaching - using methods from data science

Agile is all about focus on creating value for the customer in a sustainable way. Actions that lead to business results and happier customers are a consequence of the behaviour of people. Agile coaching supports this by providing insights to people and the organization so they can choose what behaviour to change and how. This new behaviour will lead to improved business results and satisfied customers, or it leads to a more sustainable way - for the organisation - to achieve the business results.

How effective is the coaching and does it ultimately lead to changed improved business results? In this session Pieter demonstrates one way of linking the team actions to observed change in result as seen by the customer. This is demonstrated using data and methods taken from data science.

Pieter Rijken

Pieter is a Kanban expert ands holds a Kanban Coaching Professional certification with the Lean Kanban University.

As an Agile coach Pieter combines his background in physics with the data-driven aspect of Kanban to achieve tangible results.

He applies data science techniques to measure the impact of coaching.


+316 23 24 3013

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