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Life at Xebia
Your professional Journey

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We introduce Lean and Agile principles and practices to continuously transform ways of working across the enterprise.

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Working Together is Growing Together

People First

Xebia is always on the lookout for extraordinary people. We believe that quality without compromise starts with our people. We care about mutual respect, appreciating cultural differences, and complementing, strengthening, and motivating each other to become an authority in your field.

Supporting the passion of exceptionally smart people is the foundation of our organization. Everything we do – our mission, values, strategic innovation, hiring process, and knowledge management – is anchored on this principle.

'New' benefits for every Xebian

Gadget budget

Gadgets Blob

This budget allows you to buy the newest devices and save monthly to purchase accessories or your next devices.

‘’Working from home’’ allowance

Toiletpaper Blob

To cover the costs of all those cups of coffee due to working from home, we offer an ‘’working from home’’ allowance.

Volunteer day

Volunteer Blob

You get one extra day off for volunteer work, to be used for centrally organized good cause events, or for your own initiatives.

Extra leave days

Leisure Blob

Buy 5 extra leave days a year to create a better work-life balance.  


Sabbatical Blob

Pursuit your dreams! We make it possible to save for a 50% paid,  3-month sabbatical in an attractive way.

Same budget, better car

Car Blob-1We lowered our standard annual mileage, which makes it possible to drive a better car within the same leasebudget.

At-home charging station

StationWe encourage driving more sustainably by making the option for an electrical lease car more attractive. Xebia offers a free at-home charging station.


Investor Blob

During your journey at Xebia we make it possible to purchase Xebia certificates.

Let’s not forget to mention

Xebia's Existing Benefits

Study Budget

We encourage you to invest in your personal development! On a yearly basis there is a large study budget available and you can spend 6 days on training and/or to attend conferences

Xebia Fit Program

We offer various initiatives that contribute to an, even more, energized you. Six preventive coaching sessions per year, annual sport events, discount on company fitness and health insurance, access to Headspace.. to name a few!

Social Events

Besides working hard, there is always room for fun together with colleagues! There are plenty of social events to attend during the year, like cooking workshops, beer tastings, running, biking or doing other sports and fun things together.. and much more

Xebia Knowledge Exchange

We highly value knowledge exchange. All colleagues can organize and attend bi-weekly XKE sessions in which they can exchange their knowledge on various topics and learn from each other.

Unlimited free Literature

Do you have a desire to read and learn new things? Feel free to add more books to your personal collection.  They are on us.

Internet Allowance

All employees receive a fixed monthly internet allowance, to cover the costs when working from home.

Free Lunches

No need to bring your own lunch. That’s all taken care of in our office! From salads to omelets or create your own sandwich.

Skibia & Scubia

For the snow (skibia) and sun (scubia) seekers there are two annual trips that will take place somewhere abroad. Xebia gives a huge discount on these trips and one extra day off.

Our Mission

Our mission can be captured in one word: Authority.

As professionals, as a global company, and as a digital pioneer.
The only way we can achieve this is by constantly reinventing ourselves, hiring exceptional talent, claiming the position of thought leader, and sharing our knowledge. That’s what got us to where we are today, and we’re incredibly proud of that.

Driven by the desire to make a difference, we keep innovating.
Fueling the growth of our company with our knowledge worker culture.
When teaming up with Xebia, expect in-depth expertise based on an authentic, value-led, and high-quality way of working that inspires all we do.

Culture and DNA

Our Values

We actively live and breathe our core values.
They are key and crucial to our unique formula and the foundation of a healthy company.

People First

Xebia puts people first. We actively enable continuous personal and professional growth. With respect, trust, responsibility, and accountability. We cultivate great ideas, innovate and actively support you to become your very best. That’s how we have grown.

Sharing Knowledge

Supporting the passion of exceptionally smart people forms the foundation of our organization. Our bi-weekly company-wide knowledge exchanges, innovation days, tech-rallies and training programs make knowledge flow within Xebia and beyond and contribute to exploring and achieving our full potential, individually and collectively.


Customer Intimacy

We build long-lasting relationships with our customers and serve them on an equal level. We work on common goals and trust by showing genuine interest in the person and adding value pro-actively and consistently.


Quality without Compromise

At Xebia, quality without compromise is the mantra. Be it the work we do for our customers, the tools we all work with, our hiring process, our parties or our offices’ design. We set the bar at 100%, because we don’t compromise.


We are Xebians

At Xebia, we learn, grow, explore and create new frontiers in business together.