Leadership Agility, It’s time to remove the performance Roadblocks

Driving organizational performance through leadership agility is the ability to anticipate change and make fast and effective decisions that enable high performing teams that drive organizational agility. Let’s remove the performance roadblocks that prevent agility. What does it take to create a context for agility.

During this workshop you will explore:

  • What roadblocks are there - how can you recognize them?
  • Setting the context for agility
  • How to create a culture for performance
  • Emerging Leadership and the relevant leadership micro-interventions

Join my session and start removing performance roadblocks.


Rik de Groot

Rik de Groot is lead consultant in Agile transformations and expert in organizational change and business agility. He specializes in helping mature Agile organizations reach the next level. His passion is to engage people in fixing real organizational problems through a human-centered approach. He is Certified Agile Master and author of the book A Pocket Guide for responsive organizations.


+316 23 24 3013

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