When: 11Th October 2018
Where: Zonheuvel, Netherlands

Think Design! Quickly find and test solutions that add value for your end-users!

Get introduced to the Design Thinking framework and experience how to define solutions which are meaningful for your end-users. Step into the world of human-centered design, fast iterations and rapid prototyping. By playing an interactive game you will be guided through a full cycle of the design thinking process and will learn the basics of this approach. It is: Fast-paced | Experiential | Biased towards action (more doing, less talking about doing) | User-centered | Prototype driven |Iterative | Great Fun!

Jens Broetzmann - Senior Business Agility Coach & Trainer

IMG_3688-copyJens Broetzmann has over 16 years experience helping teams and organizations make an impact. As an agile transformation coach and design thinking expert, he's passionate about using an agile, lean and customer-centric mindset. His mission is to teach others how to do the right things and do the things right and he has a proven track record of improving customer value.

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