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With an overwhelming and rapidly growing amount of available data, organizations get in the position to make the best data-driven decisions ever. But how can you use your data faster and better? How do you make it available for the right people in your organization and facilitate fast client validation, experimental culture and data-based business decisions? 

Xebia IT Architects believe that the capability "Data & Analytics" should be an integrated part of every product team to deliver business value. Enable data democracy with modern data platforms and an organizational set-up like DevOps to make sure your data is put to value in an optimal way.


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Delivering Data’s Digital Marketing Potential

Building a Cloud-Native Data Platform for A Multinational Logistics Services Company

How can we apply the DevOps principles to the world of data science and analytics?

Establishing a Data & Analytics domain in every product team will provide user-friendly self-service services for Data & Insights consumption and creation. This way Data Scientists are facilitated and can take end-to-end responsibility for their models.  Read more...


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