Blokker Holding SSC IT is the IT service provider for all subsidiaries of Blokker Holding.

Problem statement

Within Blokker IT, the e-commerce team delivers the technical platform for all web shops of Blokker Holding. Currently, the software solution is adapted to expose its services through APIs. In addition, Blokker IT would like to increase its ability to deliver more business features more frequently, and to reduce the number of bugs in the production environment.




With the help of Xebia, the following improvements were achieved:

  •  • Introduction of modern collaboration and development practices
  •   Team requirements specification
      Implemented test automation on the APIs (using Serenity and RestAssured)
      Introduction of test-driven development
      Moved the focus of the team towards helping end users instead of just taking tasks

    Shortened feedback cycle
     • Improved communication with the frontend team as part of the development process
     • Introduced continuous automated regression testing as part of the development process

    Optimized software delivery process
     • Reduced the number of hand overs as part of the development process
     • Introduced an improvement-oriented culture
     • Helped introduce Scrum
     • Introduced new version control technology and source code branching strategy

    Trained and coached the development team at Blokker IT
     • Coached the testers & team in test automation skills

    Impact & Results

    The delivery process, that had come to a grinding halt of the API part because of the high number of bugs and partially delivered features, has decreased. Blokker IT is now able to deliver better quality software faster with a higher pace and shorter release cycle.  Furthermore, the self-reliance of the team was improved and a true team mindset was created. Finally, the team focus has improved, which reduced the amount of "work in progress" and increased the focus on finishing features.