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Day 2

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For the New Parents

Partially Paid

Parental Leave

For the soon-to-be mamas and papas (and repeaters): you have expressed the wish to take paid parental leave to spend more time with your future babies. To fulfill this wish, we have received help from the UWV. As of 02.08.2022 (this is not a typo, it really starts on the second of the month), both parents will receive 9 weeks of partially paid parental leave from the UWV. These 9 weeks must be taken in the child's first year of life and will be deducted from the total parental leave balance.

More information about the scheme from the UWV can be found here: 

However, the UWV applies a percentage of 50% of the maximum daily wage for this benefit. If you earn more than the maximum daily wage, then you will receive less than 50% of your salary.  As we already did with the additional birth leave, we will also supplement this arrangement to 50% of the actual wage, not the maximum daily wage.

A motion to increase this percentage of the maximum daily wage to 70% has passed but does not yet have immediate legal significance. Once it does, Xebia will top it up to 70% of the actual wage.

Working fathers are thus entitled to 1 week of birth leave with full continued payment of wages from Xebia, 5 weeks of partially paid supplementary birth leave (70%) and 9 weeks partially paid parental leave (50%).

Working mothers can also make use of the 9 weeks of partially paid parental leave (50%) after returning from maternity leave. This leave must also be taken in the first year of your child's life.

Tired of all that time with your kids? Unfortunately, our nanny service is no longer active. Of course, you are always welcome to work full-time again! 😉

Questions about this arrangement?

Send an email to or get in touch directly with your HR contact.