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People First

Day 1

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We introduce Lean and Agile principles and practices to continuously transform ways of working across the enterprise.

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For the Do-Gooders

Paid Leave

For Volunteering

During our interviews, we learned that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is of great importance to you. And although Xebia has set up a lot of cool initiatives around this topic, not every Xebian is aware of them. So, we’re taking this feedback into the new year and will update you more often about our plans and objectives.

In addition to centrally organized events and activities, you also expressed the desire for more time to participate in initiatives on your own, ones that are close to your heart. This could be devoting a day to a friend’s or family member’s favorite charity, contributing your own expertise to a good cause, or taking up a day of volunteer work with your team members for a foundation of your choice. We’d like to support you!

Going forward, you can now use the extra day off for Skibia or Scubia to do a day of volunteer work instead! This day can be used for centrally organized good cause events, or for your own initiatives.
You do not need to request permission for this extra day off. Instead, send in a photo or video of what that best captures your “good work” in action to We’ll share a compilation of all your cool initiatives annually to keep us all up to date on this topic.  We’re already looking forward to your material.