When: Thursday January 25th
Location: Xebia Amsterdam, Wibautstraat 200

The future of e-commerce is found in cross-platform performance and rapidly improving user experiences. While off-the-shelf software for powering e-commerce is in constant pace of development, these platforms hinder the flexibility during development by design; locking-in the developers in the tools and frameworks they provide.

Both as a way of migrating away from their legacy system as to deliver a platform for the future, Xebia helped The Sting with an incremental re-build and roll-out of a tailor-made e-commerce environment.

Schermafbeelding 2017-11-29 om 08.51.56.png      Schermafbeelding 2017-11-29 om 08.52.08.png

Using Lagom as the basis for the microservice architecture and React for the construction of the several single-page-apps powering parts of the website. “House of Brands” has built a platform for the future which enables rapid development of new functionality, easily scaling over multiple brand sites (The Sting, Costes) and reducing the TCO in the process. During this meetup we will take you on our journey at the The Sting.

Ruben Oostinga: Going from 0 to pretty real quick
The frontend is where you can distinguish yourself from the competition. The Sting needs a frontend which can support multiple brands as well as multiple languages. Online retailers also require rendering HTML on the server. This together with wanting to offer an industry leading user experience could be a perfect storm of complexity. In this talks we’ll look at how we reduced complexity and improved developer experience. This allowed us to deliver a great user experience at a fast pace.

Gideon de Kok: Events-First Microservices: moving away from the monolith with success
When the principle of microservices is complimented with the background of Domain-Driven-Design and an Event-First way of thinking, not only can we enforce loose coupling in our systems by default. We also create an environment in which business-value can be delivered incrementally with high performance.

In this talk Gideon will take you along the process of such an architectural change and how the Lagom framework complimented this way of thinking.


6:00 PM: Dinner
6:45 PM: Introduction by Bart Overbeek (IT Director, The Sting)
7:00 PM: Talk 1 by Ruben Oostinga “Going from 0 to pretty real quick”
7:45 PM: Talk 2 by Gideon de Kok “ Events-First Microservices: moving away from the monolith with success”
8:30 PM: Drinks

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