How Agile is Our Human Brain?

Margriet Sitskoorn is a neuroscientist and professor at Tilburg University, The Netherlands. She is also the author of several books, including "The Mutable Brain" (Het Maakbare Brein), and "IK 2: The Best Version of Yourself." She has extensively researched the relationship between human behavior and the plasticity (Agility) of the brain, and has gained new insight: the journey to reduce complexity and increase Agility for companies is never-ending, but is that the same for the human brain? In this interactive keynote, Margriet takes you on a trip through the plasticity of your mind and provides insight into how you can express your talents and best accomplish your goals in the age of Agility.

Margriet Sitskoorn

Margriet Sitskoorn is a neuroscientist, a professor at Tilburg University and she is the writer of the book the mutable brain and Ik². In her interactive keynote she will explain how the development of the prefrontal cerebral cortex is important. Furthermore she will show you how to develop your talents and accomplish your goals. She will explain why social skills are so necessary.


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