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LLMs Pilot Projects

Implement LLMs Based Solutions

Work with Xebia to develop your first LLMs based products and demo your first solution within a week to build and test the technology. 

Developing Scalable LLMs Solutions

A pilot project focuses on developing a solution, preparing it to scale, and introducing it to the end-users. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the technology is adopted and used effectively, leading to improved efficiency, productivity, and business outcomes. In many cases, funding options by a cloud vendor are available.

Develop a First Solution in One Week

LLMs Pilot Project

A pilot project could be approached in different ways. One approach would be to divide the project in three main phases: Build, Scale, and Adopt. The different steps per stage could be:


  • Identify key challenges
  • Build and test the technology
  • Assess the opportunity value
  • Present the solution to all stakeholders


  • Define the integration architecture
  • Design a user interface
  • Identify new use cases


  • Create a learning journey for end-users
  • Train users how to use the technology effectively
  • Set up processes for incorporating the solution into existing operations.