Are you..

A seasoned, passionate Angular Geek looking for next big challenge?
Up for raising the bar for yourself to take the next big leap?
Waiting for the right opportunity to do what you really want to do?

Here is that exciting opportunity:


We at Xebia are doing state of the art frontend end development, applying best in class innovations and techniques with highest quality in mind. We are into Angular (v1.x, v2.x and v4.x), React (v0.14, v15, v16), Redux and all other moving parts that you could hear in frontend world. Progressive Web Apps, Serverside Rendering, PRPL, React Native, NativeBaseIO, Electron, Ionic, Redux Saga and Thunk, React Storybook, Styled Components, RxJS, Material Design, Bootstrap, Adaptive/Responsive Design, Test Driven Development, DevOps, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment,... You name it, we are into it.

Being an authority in what we do, we always stay on the bleeding edge, embracing the latest and best in class way to make our punchline 'Software Development Done Right' actually happen every single day.

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We are looking for senior frontend developer/leads with following must have skills: 

  • Strong experience of Angular 2 (Component mindset, data/method binding, modular and clean code, client side routing, data/component/service/module dependencies, user authentication and authorisation, web security, etc).

  • Good knowledge of Angular v1.x and v4.x.

  • Good experience of tooling used in frontend development (build, bundle, package tools/managers).

  • In depth JavaScript experience (ES5, ES6, TypeScript, Object oriented, Functional, Sync/Async, Event Loop).

  • Strong at Frontend Backend Integration ($http, Promise, Observable champion).

  • Strong at HTML5, CSS3, SCSS.

  • Strong at Agile methodology and Scrum.

  • Good Listener, Confident Speaker.

  • Valid US work visa 

Other Good to have skills 

  • Knowledge of React, VueJS, or any other frontend framework is a plus.
  • RxJS experience
  • Node or any other backend tech stack experience.

LocationAtlanta, US

Our culture 

We thrive for authority. This can only be achieved by working with the best people, offering them the most challenging projects and create a continuous learning environment.

All this is in place so you can accelerate your career.

What can you expect?

  • Inspiring working environment
  • The most challenging assignments
  • Trust
  • Freedom to accelerate
  • Much more!

About Us

Xebia is a consulting and agile software development firm headquarterd in the Netherlands which specializes in Continuous delivery & DevOps, Full Stack Agile Development, Agile Consulting & Transformation, Big Data/Data Science, Mobile, Cloudification and Data centre Automation. With core software development offices in Netherlands (Amsterdam, Hilversum), India (Delhi NCR, Bangalore), Frans (Paris) and U.S. (Boston, Atlanta)

Atlanta our next software development hub and we are looking for smart, consultative, hands-on software developers to be a part of our exclusive team.

Xebia explores and creates new frontiers in IT. We provide innovative products and services and strive to stay one step ahead of our customers’ needs. We turn new technology trends into business advantages. As mainstream frontrunners, we create new IT solutions and build the future with our customers.

Passion for in depth technology & software craftsmanship in combination with Lean, Agile and Scrum practices are Xebia's driving factors and competitive edge. True knowledge workers find Xebia to be an inspiring place to work where they are challenged by peers.

What’s next?
At Xebia you find like-minded colleagues who are forerunners in their field, are used to get customer organizations moving and have the courage to leave the beaten track. By sharing knowledge with customers and communities, we constantly broaden our expertise and decide what the next cool thing is to work on.

We challenge you to accelerate your personal development. Curious? We like to tell you more or invite you to one of our events! 

Curious to find out more? 
You are welcome to get to know us. Get in touch with Prateek Priyadarshi: