15 teams, 1 monolith and 4 months to achieve Continuous Delivery

This is the journey of 15 teams and one monolithic application going from bi-annual releases to fortnightly releases in 4 months time achieving a state of Continuous Delivery.

Continuous Delivery involves a long list of technology and organizational changes. Where do you start? The Improvement Kata, Value Stream Mapping and Theory of Constraints are of help to choose which changes to apply first. So, I thought initially.


Thierry de Pauw
Continuous Delivery advocate @ ThinkingLabs

Thierry is a CI/CD advocate, lean software engineer and occasional speaker.

He is a jack-of-all-trades with a passion to help teams create meaningful software, having a keen eye for code quality and the software delivery process, from customer interaction to continuous delivery. Instead of balancing quality & delivery, he believes and practices that better quality is actually a way to more and better deliveries.

Currently, he is Engineering Lead at the fintech startup PaxFamilia.

Thierry is also founder of ThinkingLabs, a consultancy around Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.

This year Thierry organised the CITCON - Continuous Integration and Testing unconference in Ghent, Belgium.


+31 35 538 1921

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