Experience Event Storming with Example Mapping

Discovering the unknown isn’t easy and in this area Event Storming has become a de facto standard. Similarly, Example Mapping is an awesome weapon for distilling a user story based on concrete examples. We propose you join us to experience a workshop where you will practice Event Storming reinforced by Example Mapping.


Bruno Boucard

Bruno Boucard is developer, trainer, agile coach and speaker. He loves to explain with concrete examples with live-coding, if needed. He is organizer of the BDD Paris user group. He is a long-time Microsoft MVP, but he still is coding java with a C# accent ;-)
His company 42skillz which aims to help organizations to make software and to work differently, he provides trainings, coaching, consulting about TDD, BDD, legacy code refactoring techniques and DDD with an extra soul.


+31 35 538 1921

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