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The Fast-Track to Becoming a Cloud Professional

Google Cloud Booster Program

Do you want to know everything about cloud services and apply this in your daily work? Do you lack time, guidance, or the opportunity to develop these skills in your current job? If that is the situation, enter the Google Cloud Booster.

Knowledge Sharing as the Key to Success

The Google Cloud Booster Program is a free six-month, tailor-made  skill development program that allows you to tap into the knowledge, best practices, and experiences of some of the brightest Google Cloud brains out there. Our aim is simple: To make your cloud skills go through the roof!

Is This Something For Me?

The Cloud Booster Program suits the needs of every professional with a strong appetite to obtain cloud skills. In fact, it is so awesome that our own people will join the sessions too. So, whether you are an engineer who has had some exposure to working with cloud technology, or you are a seasoned developer with a wealth of professional experience; this program will take your skills to unprecedented heights.

What to Expect

The Program

As you might know, Binx is part of Xebia. So, when you start with this program, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of being a Xebian. During the first two days, you’ll join the official Bootcamp. Besides practicalities, you’ll get to know your colleagues, experience the Xebia Escape room, and receive your laptop, and phone, as well as the other necessities of a modern cloud engineer. And then the Cloud Booster Program has yet to kick off! Check it out!

Phase 1

  • Get the Cloud basics right on a foundational level
  • Gaining consultancy skills – level 1
  • Gaining more knowledge about Infrastructure as Code, Storage, Compute, Serverless, Networking, Containers & Architecture
  • Preparing and presenting a Cloud challenge
  • Obtaining the Associate Google Cloud Certification
  • Become familiar with the ins and outs of a Xebia Cloud project

Phase 2

  • Gain level 200 and 300 knowledge of Cloud Services, Architecture, and Multi-Cloud environments
  • Start your first client project
  • Lead a meeting at the client (or more)
  • Obtain the Google Cloud Professional Certificate
  • Write your first blog
  • Deliver your first Xebia Knowledge Exchange presentation

Phase 3

  • Coach new joiners
  • Obtain the Google Cloud Architect Certificate
  • Deliver training for clients
  • Fulfil a lead role in a client project

Our Offer

  •  Permanent contract
  •  Working closely with Googlers
  •  25 Knowledge sessions per year
  •  Healthy lunches @office
  •  €3.900 gadget budget for laptop & phone
  •  €930 mobility budget
  •  Fit program incl. a coach and fitness
  •  Complete pension package
  •  Free day/discount for our company holiday
  •  Savings for a sabbatical