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Cloud Trends and Success Stories for Managers
  • Pathé: Getting a Grip on Data With Managed Data and ML Services
  • Data Democratization: Self-Service Analytics Makes Data Available to the Entire Organization
  • Planning to Migrate Critical Business Systems to the Cloud? Remodeling Is Something You Do With the Store Open!
  • Royal FloraHolland: Machine Learning Services at the Flower Auction
  • Cloud-Native: The Rules for Software Development in the Cloud
  • Knab: Cloud Services Made Available to the Entire Organization
  • Managing Cloud Usage and Expenditure with FinOps

Thanks for your interest in the ebook Everything-as-a-service.

Thanks to digital transformation, business deployment of technology are no longer the domain of just the IT department. The cloud makes advanced features accessible to a wide audience. For example, anyone can get started with services for image recognition, fraud detection, or marketing analysis, without having to first complete a master’s degree. The advantage is that organizations have continuous access to the latest technology and can introduce new functionality more quickly.


The Xebia Cloud survey conducted among 300 cloud professionals shows that increased flexibility (44%) and increased capacity for innovation (41%) are the main reasons for migrating to the cloud.

This ebook is for business leaders who want to accelerate the pace of innovation and are interested in opportunities to develop valuable applications with cloud services. Read this document to gain more insight into how organisations such as Royal FloraHolland, Pathé and Knab make cloud technology available within their organisation. Take advantage of the tips for organisations migrating their system processes to the cloud and become familiar with terms such as data democratisation, FinOps and cloud-native design principles.