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Driven by market pressures, IT innovation, and shifting customer and workforce demands, many organizations realize they can only cope with change and gain a competitive advantage if they embrace Digital and Agile. However, changing the way you work is notoriously difficult to do. Focus, alignment, and coordination often get lost in complex change programs. 

Xebia helps you deal with complexity and turn your strategy into reality. Being the first company in the Netherlands to provide Agile consulting services, we know you need best-in-class change practices, strategic transformation power, and industry insights to take enterprise agility to the next level. As managers of change, we offer all of that and more.

Our goal is to bring your transformation to a successful conclusion so that you can reap the benefits of an ever-changing market and technology that will continue to evolve.

Structuring Agile; paradox or silver lining?

Article: Structuring Agile; paradox or silver lining?

"Executing transformations is notoriously difficult. Focus, alignment and coordination often gets lost when trying to manage complex programs whilst keeping the business running. Xebia has the execution skills, technological capabilities and resources to act as your strategic partner to realizing your end-to-end transformation goals".

How we help you to realize your Transformation



  • Transformation Management

    Transformation management. Our consultants have a history of working for top-tier firms and excel in highly complex environments. We work as multidisciplinary teams and combine Agile, transformation, and program management best practices and work with all business levels to realize change.

  • Enterprise Agility

    Enterprise Agility. Agile helps organizations become responsive to change and remain competitive. Focusing on individual teams is only the first part. We implement enterprise agility by offering a holistic approach covering IT, Agile procurement, HR, and Marketing.

  • Scaling Agile

    Scaling Agile. We created the Agile Transformation Playbook to help organizations embrace Agile in a way that makes the most sense given their situation and goals. Our consultants are certified to implement relevant scaling frameworks, like the highly effective Scrum@Scale.

  • End to End

    End-to-end technical capabilities. Partnering with Xebia means partnering with a global full-service IT pioneer. We provide all capabilities a transformation needs: change managers, Agile consultants, data scientists, IT architects, cloud engineers, and customized learning programs.

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