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Implement a new operating model to unlock the potential of Data and Cloud

Build a Data Native Organization

Data is valuable but how to optimize to get the actual benefits of data? This requires becoming a Data Native Organization. That means aligning value delivery to optimally leverage or implement data to monetize data products, enhance existing services, increase efficiency & effectiveness, or drive decision making.

We help you to build a Data Native Organization and become data driven. We can help to enhance data quality, create means to monetize, build organizational capabilities, data platforms and the required governance and compliance processes.  

Especially the Data Platform may benefit from the Cloud. It holds the potential to further accelerate business growth. Using best-in-class technology will help your IT team move from maintaining the old to leveraging cutting edge technology. More than reducing costs, Cloud adds value to your product or service by bringing innovative solutions closer to home.


Article: The Data Native Organization

Article: The Data Native Organization

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"A transformation to become a “data-driven company” is at the top of the change calendar for many companies. In practice though, this transformation proves to be very difficult. It requires strong alignment across many tiers of the organization and to effectively bridge Business, IT and Data Science". 

Data and Cloud Services

Depending on where you stand in the journey towards becoming Data Driven we offer different services.  

  • Data Strategy

    Data Strategy. A Data Strategy enables companies define, unlock and deliver the value of data. A data strategy offers a clear vision on the value of data, strategies how to get value and a narrative to convey how win to with Data & Artificial Intelligence.

  • Data Driven Product Management

    Data-driven Product Management. Leverage data for Product Management. Optimize structures to connect and align all stakeholders to your strategy, portfolio, and customer journeys. Teach teams to use data for ideation and product management through unique learning journeys.

  • Data Capability Building

    Data Capability Building. If the strategy is clear we can help to define and build the right set of capabilities needed to deliver value from data. We help to define the defensive (availability, quality, governance and compliance) and offensive (build, deploy and operate) data capabilities.  

  • Cloud & Data Enablement

    Cloud & Data Enablement. The Public Cloud offers a host of tools to leverage create value from Data. We assist companies with Cloud Enabled Innovation, building Data Platforms and building up the capabilities to maximize value from Cloud Native Development.

  • From Data Concept to Cash Monetization

    From Data Concept to Cash Monetization. Many organizations struggle to get their data Algorithms to production.And that is just the start since the ability to monetize usually requires some form of change. We help streamlining the journey to define, build, deploy and monetize uses cases.

  • PaaS Teams done right

    PaaS teams done right. Leveraging a data platform is an essential component of becoming a Data Native Organization. We help to build the technology, setup the teams, community of practice, center of excellence and other organizational capabilities needed to build and maintain your data platform.

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