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Nonprofit Success Pack: Designed to Make Impact

Put donors, clients and volunteers first central and take a human approach with the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack

Put Donors, Clients and Volunteers at the Center 

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The Nonprofit Success Pack by Salesforce offers specialized features to streamline operations and improve fundraising for non-profits. Whether you provide services to individuals, commit to a greener world, or work in education: the flexible Nonprofit Success Pack supports you in your mission.

The Nonprofit Success Pack puts donors, clients, and volunteers at the center with a 360-degree overview of all stakeholders.

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Make Fundraising Personal
with a Human Approach

For many organizations, donors are crucial to make an impact, which is why a personalized approach to donors is essential. The Nonprofit Success Pack provides you with the right tools to access and update all information about your donors, enabling you to elevate donor relationship management to the next level.

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Turn Donations into Impact

With NPSP, you can develop a helicopter view of what's happening in all of your programs, while also managing information about all stakeholders (clients, donors, or organizations).

The Nonprofit Success Pack is therefore an excellent tool, for many reasons, to improve the delivery of services and products that make an impact - whether it's for simple or complex organizations and their associated challenges.

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Manage and Improve Programs

The Program Management Module (PMM) provides a standard framework for monitoring and managing any program or service, regardless of its complexity.

This way, you can easily segment program participants into categories such as seasons, groups, or funders, view the status of recurring services, and track attendance and engagement of participants, which can be shared with anyone in the organization who needs it.

More Features of Nonprofit Success Pack

Measure Sales Productivity

If you can measure which sales efforts yield the most results, it becomes much easier for your sales team to make progress.

Create Extensive Forecasts

Using Sales Cloud's integrated forecasting capabilities, it becomes simple to generate projections and monitor your progress in relation to your objectives.

Accurate Reporting

Through comprehensive reporting options, you can ensure complete transparency and pinpoint exactly where to focus your efforts for increased sales.