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Net Zero Cloud: Track and Minimize Your Carbon Footprint

Net Zero Cloud enables your organization to integrate a complete sustainability management solution

Not Just Turnover and Costs: Closely Track your Emissions with Net Zero Cloud

net zero cloud

Salesforce has made a commitment to achieve net-zero carbon emissions. To reach this goal, Salesforce tracks carbon emissions closely and makes efforts to minimize its own carbon footprint.

True to its innovative nature, Salesforce has developed a solution for businesses to easily monitor and reduce their carbon footprints, which helps contributing to a more sustainable future for customers, partners, and employees. And in order to achieve this, Salesforce launched Net Zero Cloud.

Net Zero enables your organization to track your carbon emissions, helps you empower decision makers with actual data reports and makes your efforts demonstrable while preventing greenwashing.

Salesforce Net Zero - 1

Track, Analyze & Report Sustainability Data

Net Zero Cloud provides advanced capabilities for tracking, analyzing, and reporting sustainability data, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions to achieve their environmental goals. Hence, reducing your carbon footprint throughout your organization becomes very easy.

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Complete Forecasts of Carbon Footprint

Net Zero Cloud enables organizations to model various scenarios, anticipate future emissions based on their current practices, and plan strategies for achieving their sustainability targets. This empowers businesses to take proactive measures in their journey towards environmental sustainability. 

More Benefits of Net Zero Cloud

Faster Results

Tackle carbon accounting audits in weeks rather than months and achieve results faster.

Accurate Data

Build extented business insights and empower decision makers with executive-ready dashboard data.

Prove Net Zero Goals

Demonstrating progress is always more effective than just stating intentions! With the Net Zero Cloud, you can prove your genuine commitment to sustainability by presenting clear results to stakeholders.