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Salesforce Cloud

Experience Cloud: Build a Customer Community

Create an infrastructure where customers are able to find what they need and where your business offers optimal support

Build Loyalty by Connecting Customers, Partners and Other Professionals

Experience cloud

Salesforce Experience Cloud enables the creation of advanced customer communities for clients, partners, and other professionals. It provides a platform where they can readily access information about your products, eliminating the need for you to answer each question individually.

This is made possible through pre-designed applications and intuitive drag-and-drop tools that can be customized to match your branding, ideal to increase user satisfaction and create networks for professionals, and allowing users to discuss their challenges together.

Salesforce Experience Cloud - 1

Join Hands with Your Partners

Enable partners to update sales opportunities or qualify leads, and ensure that members can create and update records that are seamlessly integrated with Salesforce.

By doing so, you will boost your sales channels by directly connecting them with resellers, distributors, and partners.

Salesforc Experience Cloud 2

Flexible, Personal and Customizable

Through a single work environment with cloud telephony and artificial intelligence, you provide your employees with an infrastructure that enables them to deliver truly excellent support.

Integrated AI and routing rules ensure that issues reach the right person, who has immediate access to a complete customer overview and knowledge articles for reliable support.

Salesforce Expeirence Cloud 3

The Extension of Your Customer Support Department

Enable customers and users to assist each other with issues and queries, automatically escalating them if the question remains unanswered to improve the user experience and build a loyal user base.

Learn through your community about what's happening with your customers and prospects, as well as their challenges, problems, and needs, so you can respond accordingly.

More Features of Experience Cloud

Lead Sharing

Don't just sell your own products and services, but also those of your partners. Share leads, contacts, and records with your partners.

Create Communities

Utilize artificial intelligence to assign tasks to the right team or individual, thereby streamlining your support department.

Learn from Your Community

A community allows customers and members to learn from each other, reducing the frequency of contact with support. Additionally, it helps you understand their challenges, problems, and needs better.