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When you start building a new business, your people must understand why and feel capable of joining the change. To cover the latter, we create data-driven and highly customized learning plans. And it doesn't stop here. We provide in-company training and serious gaming, create and connect you to Communities of Practice, and track your progress.

Xebia's experts trainers are business professionals with a drive to transfer their knowledge. After spending more time with them, your team will have acquired the skills needed to accelerate your digital and Agile transformation.

Serious Gaming

Serious Gaming and the impact of Serious Games during Transformations

Accelerate Simulation - A powerful way to experience holistic collaboration with your team

Accelerate Simulation

Workforce of the Future

We support you in all parts of the learning landscap to create the Workforce of the Future.

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    Accelerated Learning. In-company learning journey: Learn on the job. Our learning journeys are tailormade in co-creation and always consist of a combination of: workforce analysis, interventions (e-learning, training, workshops, coach, mentor, feedback) and result & impact tracking.

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    Community of Practice: Learn from peers. Discussing challenges with peers and experts prevents tunnel vision and keeps your brain muscles in shape. To solve problems more efficiently, we create a Community of Practice within your organization or invite you to an external one.

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    Serious Gaming: Learn by experience. Play and fun are valuable to any learning experience. Our serious games help you and your team understand new ways of working quickly and easily. Maximize results by supplementing the game with tailormade workshops and coaching on the job.


  • Riet Broekhuizen
    Riët Broekhuizen

    Organizational Change

  • Marianne Pot
    Marianne Pot

    Agile Management, Serious Gaming

  • Just Meddens
    Just Meddens

    Agile Management, trainer for Leadership

  • Rik de Groot
    Rik de Groot

    Agile Transformation, Leadership, Serious Gaming

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