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Explore and Diagnose your Transformation

Successful transformation starts with understanding where you are and where you need to be

Every next step in your change starts with first understanding where you are - understanding which issues need dealing with, their impact on the organization and what should be done to start your change journey well-prepared.

Before designing any change, visioning the north star is crucial in ensuring that the change is aligned to the broader organizational environment. Which technologies should you build, which products, what organization, leadership and culture would be fitting, what would be the impact and is now the right time?

Xebias has extensive experience in organizational assessments and strategic design are backed by industry-specific insights, in-depth and practical knowledge in digital strategy, technology, Agile frameworks, change leadership, operating model design, and product and portfolio management.

Our experienced consultants will enable your transformation by co-creating change, while preparing your organization and leadership to take next steps.



Exploring & Diagnosing your Digital and Agile Transformation

Upcoming: Friday February 19, 2021

'Across industries most organizations started accelerating their digital transformations, however, the majority remains untested in the face of digital challenge. This means their digital transformation readiness remains uncertain'.


Key elements of Exploring & Diagnosing your Digital and Agile Transformation

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    Digital & Agile Assessments. A broad set of Assessments to understand the Maturity (digital and Agile), Health (organizational and cultural), state of the Product Organization, Leadership readiness and state of the 'building blocks' of the business such as Portfolio Management and Operating Model.

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    Designing your future. Defining the North Star vision based on external market trends and global Corporate Strategy. The design is tailor-made including the design of the building blocks of your transformation.

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    Exploring the future and preparing for the change. Creating a clear long term change roadmap and the business case for change. Taking leadership on board and co-creating and piloting change, where most impact can be made to give boost to the broader transformation. 


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