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Happy Developers, Happy Business

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Why developer satisfaction should be your main priority, and how GitHub Copilot will help you achieve it.

Discover how prioritizing developer happiness with GitHub Copilot can revolutionize your development process. Our e-book, "Happy Developers, Happy Business," highlights the importance of Developer Experience (DevEx) in boosting productivity, collaboration, and job satisfaction.

DevEx focuses on improving developers' daily work environment. 78% of organizations have formal DevEx initiatives, enhancing productivity, retention, revenue growth, and competitive positioning. By minimizing distractions and automating repetitive tasks with GitHub Copilot, developers can focus on complex, rewarding tasks. GitHub Copilot also promotes continuous learning and innovation, helping developers stay up-to-date with the latest technologies.

Key Benefits of GitHub Copilot

  • AI Assistance: Helps in writing code more efficiently.
  • Snippet Generation: Automatically generates code snippets.
  • Context-Aware Suggestions: Provides relevant suggestions based on the context of the code.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Significantly boosts developer productivity.

Success Stories

  • Retailer: Achieved a 35% increase in GitHub Copilot usage.
  • Data Analytics Company: Scaled GitHub Copilot to 6,000 developers.

Xebia's Adoption Framework ensures smooth integration of GitHub Copilot with Proof of Concept (PoC) and Quick Start programs for widespread adoption. Enhance your DevEx, reduce cognitive load, and foster continuous learning with GitHub Copilot.

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