DevOps Consulting / Customer Story

Delivering new functionality in a 24-7 environment without downtime

To serve customers quicker and better, Portbase considered automating software deployments. Find out how we helped Portbase shorten its feedback cycle, giving the company the possibility to experiment with new features at a fast pace.


Deliver new features quick and reliable


Improve continuous innovation


Moving to an AWS cloud platform and implementing DevOps

Faster software delivery & DevOps

The Dutch ports are a place where hundreds of parties work together to get goods from one place to the other as efficiently, quickly, and safely as possible. Coordination and exchange of information take place swiftly and efficiently via the Port Community System (PCS) of Portbase. It enables companies to benefit from a multitude of intelligent services for simple and efficient information exchange, both between companies and between the public and private sectors. Portbase belongs to and serves the port community and is a non-profit organization.

Portbase asked Xebia to support building an automated CI/CD pipeline to deliver new features of the PCS more quickly and reliably. We chose a Jenkins pipeline based on Docker containers running on AWS.

Automating the deployment process speeds up your software delivery, which is excellent, but it does require a new way of collaboration between software development teams and operations. To fully make use of the speed gained by automating the CI/CD Pipeline, Portbase had to change the organizational setup as well.

Innovation, motivation, ownership & higher code quality

Automatically deployed code requires a high level of quality. To enhance software craftsmanship, Portbase introduced code quality checks, dashboards, and other tools to make code quality transparent for everybody involved. Next to that, an essential factor within software craftsmanship getting the software development teams acquainted with innovative tools.  As a result, the quality of the code improved significantly, and the dev teams are more motivated.

The benefits of a Cloud-based platform on AWS

Having code deployed automatically into production, the next level target was to realize end-to-end responsibility by going to the Cloud and becoming Cloud-native. 

Using the AWS toolset, Portbase built a scalable and self-healing platform, which provided full insight on performance, changes, security, and alerts on infrastructure, middleware, and the application. 

Shifting the way of working to DevOps enhanced ownership and end-to-end responsibility.


Feature deployment within minutes

No downtime

Fast User Feedback

Enhancing experimentation

End-to-end ownership

Higher motivation and satisfaction

Fast feedback without limitations

Portbase development teams can deliver a complex system change to production fully in control and for new applications within minutes. Thus, being able to analyze user feedback on new features directly. This short feedback cycle gives Portbase the possibility to experiment with new features very fast.

DevOps Consulting

Do you want to achieve more speed, flexibility, and simplicity with more effective and efficient IT? DevOps helps create a high-performance IT capability that accelerates your business.

Xebia DevOps focuses on two areas: organization and technology. We help you speed up your software release cycle and enhance autonomy within your teams. Following a proven method. Brought into practice by experienced Consultants.