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Uncover Your Impact by Measuring Your Transformation

Your guide to figuring out if your transformation is moving the needle

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Maximise business value without worrying about an underperforming 

Transformations are difficult to achieve, requiring time, resources, and constant reinforcement. However, once the long-awaited goal of being an Agile organization has been achieved, how can you say for sure if things really are better? 

Data-Driven Agility will give you clarity on your transformation's impact and help plan actionable interventions to keep you on track.

2 out of 3 organizations pursuing agile transformation achieve little business impact. This is often because they lack accurate insight is affecting their overall performance. 

This e-book has been expertly crafted by Xebia's Agile professionals, drawing from their deep expertise and consulting experience with various organizations to help you:

  • Understand the benefits of adopting this framework
  • Introduce you to different metric categories
  • Derive the right metrics using the GQM method

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