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The data field is dynamic like no other. Developing your skills is key to stay ahead.

No matter if you are a data professional looking for a public class to join, or an enterprise seeking to mature the data and AI skill level of the entire organization:  GoDataDriven provides the experience, flexibility, and digital curriculum.

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Training Guide 2021

Download the GoDataDriven Training Guide for a complete overview of available training sessions and data analist, data engineering, data science and analytics translator learning journeys.

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January 2021— GoDataDriven Academy announces it now offers certifications for Data Science with Python (DSwPF) and Analytics Translation (AT) through a partnership with APMG International, the most reputed global accreditation and examination institute.

Our Data and AI Learning Journeys

Our learning journeys are designed to find the perfect balance between the theory from university with the intensity of a bootcamp. These ingredients are blended into a training format that fits anyone preferred style of learning. We teach you enough theory to know when you’re playing with fire, but we focus on applicability for your job.

  • Technology

    Analytics Translation Journey

    Do you work for a company that uses data and AI and you want to play a central role in these processes? Then it is important to develop the skills to translate business challenges into analytical use cases. Develop your analytics translator skills with the Analytics Translation Learning Journey.

  • Process

    Data Analyst Learning Journey

    Learn how to explore data sources and databases and find actionable insights. Create graphs, dashboards, and reports to check if your KPIs are on track. Automate simple data workflows and overcome all of the manual work involved in maintaining up-to-date Excel sheets.

  • People

    Data Science Learning Journey

    We offer solid fundamentals that apply to practical Python courses, whether you are a beginner or an advanced user. We also offer courses on Spark, R, and Deep Learning.


  • Xebia_icon_5

    Data Engineering Learning Journey

    Learn how to take data & AI concepts to prototype and to production-ready application. Acquire the skills and learn how to build secure data platforms and reliable AI applications that are engineered for scale.


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    Juan Manuel Parafan

    Analytics Engineer

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    Lucy Sheppard

    Data Spirit Guide

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    Steven van Duin

    Analytics Educator

  • Marysia Winkels
    Marysia Winkels

    Data Scientist

  • Vadim_main_cropped[2]
    Vadim Nelidov

    Data Enchanter

  • GDD-Trainer-James
    James Hayward

    Data Educator

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