Data Platforms and AI Applications

We build solutions with data and AI: from concept to prototype and to production-ready application. We can be the partner that gets your organization ready to run solutions at enterprise scale with ease!

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Combining your Data Lake and Data Warehouse

Storing all your data in a single data platform reduces the overall complexity of the solution. However seamlessly combining best of breed tooling, is a difficult process to get right.

Data Platform

The scope of the Data Platform is ever increasing. Whereas 5-10 years ago, we primarily used Hadoop to offload complex joins between very large tables, today we build a single data platform to suit both your analytics and big data workloads.


A Solid Infrastructure

  • Technology

    We build secure data platforms to process your data and use as a central data hub for your organisation. This platform can be used by your data scientists to develop AI-driven applications, or for your data analysts to create business insights and visualisations. Also, this data platform is the ideal starting point for your specialized,...

  • Process

    A good data governance is a strong requirement for all modern, data-driven organizations. And although this is not an easy task, we want to help you implement this on top of your data platform in a way that comes almost natural and does not put unnecessary constraints and requirements on your development.

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    We build reliable AI applications that are engineered for scale. We embrace DevOps as the way to build with robustness and security in mind from the start. Performance and cost monitoring, centralized logging, continuous integration, feedback and delivery are all part of our standard practice.


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