Data and AI Strategy Design and Execution

Plan Your Journey to Become the AI-Driven Enterprise

You can not start your journey if you do not know where you are. We assess your AI maturity level on people and skills, tools and technology, and data and help you to to design and execute the journey to grow your AI capabilities.

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Assess your AI maturity

The AI Maturity Scan is a great starting point for improving your organization's AI capabilities. It provides a quick, insightful, and actionable report that can directly act upon.

Assess your AI maturity with our AI Maturity Scan

Towards AI Maturity

Organizations move through four distinct phases on their way to AI Maturity. The objective of the AI Maturity Scan is to provide insight in your current phase and to get recommendations to advance the data and AI capabilities of your organization.


The Data & AI journey

  • Technology

    A modern data warehouse allows you to build data sets that are: up to date, reliable, maintainable, documented, well-governed and ready for cloud. This is the foundation on which you build an organization where data democratization is a reality.

  • Process

    The process around AI solutions is just as important as building them. Ideation workshops, AI literacy trainings, product ownership and management of enterprise-scale projects: it’s all in a day’s work for an Analytics Translator.

  • People

    Our lead data scientists and lead data engineers set up workflows, coach your experts and scale your engineering culture. By implementing DevOps for AI, we make sure that your data scientists, data engineers and analytics translators develop products that realize business value.


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