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On-Site Review of Data Science And Engineering Capabilities


Unclarity on AI maturity of the company and relevant next steps to advance AI and data science capabilities


Conclusions of the scan served as a basis to improve data science practice. Eneco decided to hire more senior data scientists to support the current data scientists and build upon their experience


Two-day AI Maturity Scan of the organization resulting in a clear baseline with advised next steps

Background info about Eneco

Eneco is an integrated energy group with more than 7,000 employees, offering comprehensive solutions for, and together with, its customers and partners. Eneco invests in well-maintained networks, onshore and offshore wind farms, solar energy projects and biomass plants. Eneco operates from bases in the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, France and Germany.

Benchmark of Data Science and Engineering Capabilities

For some time, Eneco has been building up its Data Science practice. To find out where they stand in comparison to other organizations, Eneco asked GoDataDriven, one of Xebia's labels, to perform an AI Maturity Assessment of their Data Science and Engineering capabilities.

The goal of the quick scan is to highlight the areas where your company can grow to become truly data driven. The explosion in popularity of data science and big data has often spurred ad-hoc solutions and inefficient workflows. This, in turn, often prevents advanced models to be taken into production.

Based on the outcome of this audit, Eneco has been able to improve their organization, IT, and skills.

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