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Delivering In-House Big Data and Analytics Courses

For the consultants at GoDataDriven, one of Xebia's labels, teaching is always part of the job. Working onsite with clients often involves working with people who don’t know as much about data science and data engineering. Since the consultants often have to explain a lot, their teaching skills come in handy. It also works both ways. Because of their abilities and consultancy experience, the GoDataDriven trainers can also teach others how to build robust and scalable data science solutions and bring them into production.


Bring in-house big data and analytics knowledge and skills to next level to apply in everyday consultancy practice


Consultants can provide expertise on big data and analytics for their clients


Training courses on Hadoop, Machine Learning, Python, R, Spark and Text Analytics & Search with examination and certification.

Background information

Atos, a global leader in digital transformation with approximately 100,000 employees in 73 countries, provides an in-depth big data training program for its Dutch and Belgian employees. After a rigorous selection process, they chose to partner with GoDataDriven to develop and deliver some of the courses.

"The GoDataDriven trainers are also consultants who work directly on projects with their clients. Since we believe in combining theoretical knowledge and practical experience, we see a great fit with GoDataDriven."

Paul Rakké, a senior consultant at Atos and also responsible for training and development

Data Scientists and Data Engineers

Responding to market demand, Atos had already been working in big data and analytics for several years but wanted to develop its in-house competencies.

Hadoop Cluster, Jupyter Notebooks, and Python

The entire training program consists of approximately 60 modules and includes some general subjects, such as working agile or Scrum, and design thinking. For the more technical modules, Atos teamed up with GoDataDriven to develop courses for Hadoop, Machine Learning, Python, R, Text Analytics & Search, and Spark.

Valuable certificates

As part of this project, GoDataDriven was also tasked with developing exams. Atos wanted the course participants to receive a certificate that stood for more than attendance or completion.

"The exams are not easy, but that’s a good thing. We want the certificates to have value since they could be the deciding criteria for potential clients,"

Paul Rakké, senior consultant, Atos

According to participant feedback, GoDataDriven courses are extremely beneficial, valuable, in-depth, and demanding.

"Flexibility, agility and the ability to tailor programs to the maturity of the group are key for Atos, and so again, another reason why we found a great fit with GoDataDriven"

Paul Rakké, senior consultant, Atos

Data & AI

Do you want to turn your enterprise AI strategy into business-as-usual for your entire organization? Together with GoDataDriven, proudly part of Xebia Group, we organize the transition, develop production-ready applications, and develop the skills of your people to become AI-literate.

We organize, we build, we train. We drive your success with data and AI.