In this article Daniel Burm explains the "Connected Consulting” way of working for Agile strategy and transformation within Xebia. This approach of connecting transformation journeys, partners and clients is one of the main reasons clients choose Xebia as their trusted partner for Agile.

Connected Consulting offers the following benefits to our clients:

    1. It makes Agile transformations easy and effortless by having each step digitally supported through our content and interaction platform
    2. It saves time and effort searching for quality services and tools because we select and unlock these for you
    3. It speeds up corporate learning and avoids mistakes by sharing knowledge within the Xebia family of clients, guru’s and like-minded Agile enthusiasts.

Connected Consulting - the background
At Xebia we want to create future fit organizations and people through Agility. We are the only agency in the Netherlands for Agile Strategy and Transformation that delivers all services needed to make your journey successful.

To be future fit, it’s necessary for organizations to answer the following questions:

  1. How do I create a customer and data driven organization that can meet both current and future market expectations?
  2. How do I transform my internal organization so that it can move with the required speed and flexibility?
  3. How do I find and retain the right talent to realize our ambitions together?

Through years of practical experience we know what is central to all of these answers. The critical success factor for continued success and future fitness is being able to create and maintain the right connections.

Just think about the connections between your ambitions, teams, customers, culture and leadership. All elements for future fitness are connected to each other, and together they form the agile organization for success.

Our consultants are masters in the establishment of strong connections and that’s why we’ve chosen to focus on such connections, not only in what we do, but also in HOW we do things.

Connected Consulting: the way of working
Practice what you preach! That’s why solid relationships and connections are central to our way of working: "Connected Consulting”.

Connecting journeys
We work together on your effectiveness through Agile. Your transformation journey is therefore supported and facilitated at all stages through our online interaction and learning platform. Here we connect your people and organization to our experts and knowledge. Each step is precisely guided with the right tools, knowledge and interaction. Even if we are not present at your office.

Connecting partners
By working together with the right partners and gurus in the market, we help our clients excel with continuous progress in quality and innovation. All of our partners are carefully selected so you can make maximum use of the quality tools, games, simulations and knowledge to give your transformation that little bit extra.

Connecting customers
Learn together and make use of each other's knowledge and best practices. Make the journey broader and make regular use of our unique range of masterclasses, workshops and customer events, where you can create broader relationships and share best practices with peers from the market.

Becoming a client at Xebia means enriching your network and being connected to a growing group of enthusiasts with the binding factor of becoming and remaining future fit as an organization and as a person.

Get Connected
Xebia would like to get in touch with people and organizations who are considering an Agile transformation or need advice when making a first or second step.