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The cloud introduced concepts like infrastructure-as-code and serverless application development. You build it – you run it! As the challenges of ‘raw infrastructure’ diminish, higher-level complexities come into existence. Binx provides the specialist knowledge, guidance, and hands-on support you need.


Identify the potential of cloud technology to improve your business performance.

This review provides technology and business leaders a concrete overview of the opportunities of cloud technology and a roadmap towards cloud adoption.

Implement Cloud-Native Solutions

Whether you want to migrate existing workloads from your on-prem data center to the cloud or want to develop a cloud-native solution from scratch: Our specialists know what it takes to develop cloud-native infrastructure-as-code and serverless applications.

Our cloud-native landing zones get you started in no time, while our custom-made solutions are elegant in their simplicity and easy to maintain by your own organization.

Adopting the Cloud

Based on cloud best-practices, we smoothly migrate your existing IT-infrastructure to the cloud. Leading by example, we establish multidisciplinary teams that work together. Always focused on delivering real customer value and bringing joy to all stakeholders.

  • Automate Everything

    Continuous adaption to changing circumstances requires an “automate everything”-mentality. Automation is synonymous with the drive to renew the way in which the team delivers its services.

  • Become a Product Company

    Organizations must act as product companies that focus on delivering products sold to real customers, and all employees need to share the engineering mindset that is required to envision and realize those products. You build it - you run it.

  • Simplicity Is Key

    Keep the architecture and solutions as simple as possible. It ensures that your systems are robust, easy to secure and easy to maintain.

  • Design for Failure

    We understand that the world is imperfect, cloud infrastructure should therefore be designed for failure. The entire cloud infrastructure is programmed as code so that the infrastructure is version controlled, traceable, testable, and disaster recovery is embedded.


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