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When cloud adoption progresses, it becomes more challenging for organizations to manage their cloud consumption. Multiple cloud accounts combined with unspecified invoices can make it difficult to gain insight into the organization-wide cloud consumption. As new features continue to be released, organizations often don’t take the time to optimize their cloud workloads.

The cloud should not be fuzzy. Binx makes sure you are in control.

Cloud Cost Optimization Review

Cost Optimization Review

Hardly any infrastructure is engineered to perfection. This has to do with unknowns, like load and runtime, before launching workloads. Often, the costs for workloads that have been taken into production can be reduced significantly.

To support organizations in the current challenging times, we offer a free intake. During the call, we will uncover potential savings on your monthly cloud bill. If potential savings are indicated, we can support you with an optional extensive review and remediation. In some cases, the cloud provider will be able to support you with the cost of the remediation by offering cloud credits.

One cloud invoice, proactive support and reviews: We got you covered.

Take control of your cloud consumption with Binx Cloud Control. With Cloud Control, you choose for one invoice covering all your cloud consumption plus pro-active support and monitoring, at no additional cost compared to your regular cloud bills. Cloud Control is a complete solution to take control of your cloud consumption.

Cloud Control

With Cloud Control you get consolidated invoices and dashboards, 24/7 anomaly detection and (pro-active) support, and regular reviews of cloud workloads.

  • Consolidated Billing

    The interactive dashboards of Cloud Billing provide real-time insight into cloud consumption. The Finance department will appreciate the monthly aggregated invoice they can process seamlessly.

    Clients receive automatic notifications of detected anomalies and potential optimization.

  • Cloud Support

    For business-critical processes, downtime or underperformance are unacceptable. With Cloud Support, organizations have peace of mind of optimal performance.

  • Cloud Reviews

    Binx Cloud Control offers regular reviews of workloads and infrastructure to evaluate architectures, and implement designs that will scale over time.

    A cloud environment review gives organizations an immediate insight into points of optimization.


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